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Re: [Linux-cluster] HP iLO fencing issues

Hi Beres,

I had problems with the new DRAC5 from dell, so what I did was downloading the new cluster tgz from ftp://sources.redhat.com/pub/cluster/releases/cluster-2.00.00.tar.gz extracted the apropriate fence_* script and substitute it with the older agent. You will find the fence_ilo.pl from the 2.00.00 release attached.


 BERES Laszlo wrote:
Hi all,

I know this list is not for HP support, but do you have any kind of
(negative) experience with iLO2 fencing? Our customer has sleepless
nights, because his new HP Blade's management is failing:

ccsd[5659]: process_get: Invalid connection descriptor received.
ccsd[5659]: Error while processing get: Invalid request descriptor
fenced[5761]: fence "host1" failed

Attachment: fence_ilo.pl
Description: Perl program

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