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RE: [Linux-cluster] HP iLO fencing issues

If they're blades, make sure they're using the latest Proliant Support Pack, which u can download at hp.com and upgrade the firmware to the 1.89 version. Guess that is the latest one.

I have no problems to run RHCS+GFS on proliant servers, including blades.

Hope this solves your problems.

Best regards,

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Hi Beres,

I had problems with the new DRAC5 from dell, so what I did was downloading the new cluster tgz from ftp://sources.redhat.com/pub/cluster/releases/cluster-2.00.00.tar.gz
extracted the apropriate fence_* script and substitute it with the older agent. You will find the fence_ilo.pl from the 2.00.00 release attached.


  BERES Laszlo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know this list is not for HP support, but do you have any kind of
> (negative) experience with iLO2 fencing? Our customer has sleepless 
> nights, because his new HP Blade's management is failing:
> ccsd[5659]: process_get: Invalid connection descriptor received.
> ccsd[5659]: Error while processing get: Invalid request descriptor
> fenced[5761]: fence "host1" failed

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