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RE: [Linux-cluster] Resource Script.

Thank you, its working! I made my scripts look like System V init scripts
and its working fine,

Thank you, Pat.

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Patrick Gharios wrote:
> Hello,
> Question:
> In order to run a script (bash script on a screen for example) by the
> cluster service, do I need to include a start argument when calling the
> execution of that script? I am trying to execute a simple script but I
> noticed in /var/log/messages that the cluster is trying to send a 'start'
> argument to the script , the script is not being fired up on the node and
> then a 'status' call is executed on the simple script. Seems like it's a
> monitoring feature.
> In in all, can someone tell me how can I execute a simple bash script on
> cluster service?
> Thank you, Pat.
Hi Pat,

The rgmanager uses start/stop/status similar to when init calls the init
scripts, i.e., service <name> start.
I recommend making your script look like the other resource agents in


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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