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RE: [Linux-cluster] Piranha question: Running client on a real serverhangs

Thanks for the links... working my way through them now ...

For info: I am using the redirect bits like in "method #2".

In fact, that's all I'm doing on the real servers as I have not assigned
the VIP to the lo interface on the real servers as seems to be discussed
in LVS-DR.html (haven't read all that yet but that appears to be implied
as I've read that in other places as well).  This VIP on lo doesn't
appear to be critical as my service works fine when the client is on a
non-real-server/non-director host.  Am I missing something here?  Seems
like the VIP on lo would be used if you weren't doing the iptables
redirect (i.e., method 2)... right? wrong?  

I will try to incorporate some of the pieces from the LVS-DR.html ideas
and see if that gets me any further.  

For the record, our need of this is that one of our services is also a
consumer of other of our services, all of which should be load-balanced
across the same cluster as they're related.

Thanks again.
-- Jody

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On Tue, Apr 24, 2007 at 02:32:52PM -0500, Brooks, Jody wrote:
> Bottom line: it works if client is run from non-real-server machines,
> and half the time if client is run from a real server machine but the
> other half of the time (when redirected to itself), it hangs. (I
> recognize "half" is because I just have 2 real servers.)

> Any clues as to why it won't work consistently when balanced back to
> itself?


I'm not sure whether or not it can be done without any problems.  Are
you using the redirect bits like in "method #2", here:



If so, if you used the other method, connections from the LVS real
servers would simply connect locally.  It would always work - but not be
load-balanced via the director.

> (Extra note: I say it works from non-real-server machines... not
> completely true: doesn't work from the router machine, rtr1, as that
> always goes back to itself, rtr1, ignoring the ipvs tables apparently
> ipvsadm -l never shows the connection in its statistics... Apparently
> the virtual IP address being local short-circuits the ipvs table
> operations).


-- Lon

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