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[Linux-cluster] clvm problems with multiple clusters in same vlan

Hi list,

We're having problems with running multiple clusters in the same vlan.
For some reason clvmd refuses to start properly.

We think (but cannot completely confirm) that clvm is informed by the clvmd on the other cluster about volumegroups which it can't reach because it can't reach the underlying storage / physical volumes.

The sympotoms are:

node fails on reboot with hung clvmd daemon
no output from clvmd even when started with debug  (clvmd -d)

Cluster LVM daemon version: 2.02.09 (2006-08-17)
Protocol version:           0.2.1

cman_tool 1.03.00 (built Oct 19 2006 10:58:21)
Copyright (C) Red Hat, Inc.  2004  All rights reserved.

ccsd 1.03.00 (built Oct 19 2006 10:58:17)
Copyright (C) Red Hat, Inc.  2004  All rights reserved.

The node does join the cman cluster group and the defined fence group.
If the second cluster is shutdown nodes reboot without problems.

We're considering to force ccs to use different ports [1] for communication as a workaround, any other options or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Ramon van Alteren

[1] man ccsd:

     -P <port identifier>:<port number>
You have the option of specifying the port numbers used by ccsd. The port identifier is either: b, c, or f. "b" is the port which ccsd attempts to communicate with ccsd processes on other machines, via broadcast/multicast, to obtain or validate its config file (cluster.conf). This is known as the backend port. "c" is the base port number of two consecutive ports used by ccsd processes to communicate cluster membership information. This is known as the cluster base port. "f" is the port number that listens for information requests from the CCS library (or programs
             using it).  This is known as the frontend port.

             So, to change the frontend port one might specify -P f:60000.

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