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[Linux-cluster] service starts up problem

Dear community,

Could someone help me please ?

I get a starting service problem that seems the same problem than the
other one ...

I tried to resolve the problem by following the experts advices in the
forum ... but still not ok

here you are my problem :

When i start /etc/init.d/crond for example (manually), it works fine,
but when i try to start it by clurgmgrd, it's all the time in recovery
(disabled, relocate or restart the service).

Accordingly to the experts advices, i have to return 0 for starting
script even after a failed service stop .... But still not start my
script by clurgmgrd

Could someone help me please ? for example : give me a starting script
that works or show me where i can find patch
for ... /etc/init.d/functions ??

I used : 
RHEL4, kernel-smp-2.6.9-42.0.3
etc ...

thank you very much guys

Can Nguyen

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