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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHEL5.1 beta and qdisk

I confirm this bug,  and already asked this question on this list (with subject "Hang on start fence_tool join with qdisk") but problem still here...

Eugene Melnichuk
Leading Engineer
email: doc mts com ua
mob: +380503304043
pbx: +380501105731
BU MTS Ukraine
49/2 Pobedy ave., room 4.26, 03680, Kyiv, Ukraine

Jacques Botha пишет:

I have a cluster, everything is setup correctly.

I start qdisk, and it likes the heuristics, but the moment it upgrades
the cluster votes, everything to do with clustering just stops.
The machine is still responsive, you can talk to it over the network,
but cman_tool status, cman_tool nodes, clustat,  all just sit and blink
at the prompt.

I can stop qdisk immediately afterwards, but it doesn't change the
state, everything stays broken.


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