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[Linux-cluster] How to add start-up options to pulse ??

Hi is there anyway to start pulse with one of its
options , especificaly --forceactive, without manualy
modification of the init.d/pulse start-stop script?

I guess if I modify this script with the next update
to piranha I will lose all the changes, am I correct?

I was thinking of having just like other init.d script
have: a startup config file in /etc/sysconfig/pulse
but to implement this I must modify pulse start-stop
script so .....

should I ask for an enhance to the package in
I do not have Redhat cluster support for rhel4 (which
is the one I am working with) but I do have support
for rhel5-server-AP, so maybe a ticket might help?


RedHat Certified ( RHCE )
Cisco Certified ( CCNA & CCDA )

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