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Re: [Linux-cluster] fencing with IBM RAS II on Centos 5 cman start

karl klxsystems net wrote:


I am attempting to use an IBM RSA II (Remote Supervisor Adapter) and my
fencing device, as it is listed in the dropdown menu of supported devices
when you create and configure a fencing device.

Is there a specific log I can tail to find out what's going on with my
fencing device and why it won't start?

No, but you could try running the agent from the command line and seeing what happens... /sbin/fence_rsa -a hostname_of_rsa_card -l login -p password -v (for verbose). You can see the fence_rsa man page for more info.

fence_rsa has been a goo performer...I seem to recall a bug about not working with custom command prompts, but that has been fixed about everywhere I believe.

[root ftp3 RPMS]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/cman start
Starting cluster:
  Loading modules... done
  Mounting configfs... done
  Starting ccsd... done
  Starting cman... done
  Starting daemons... done
  Starting fencing... failed

Can you post your conf file?


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