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[Linux-cluster] Re: rsync via GFS

Great hint's for tune, thanks. But it's help not much - too many files (it's full tree of system with /usr /var etc). May be try to use some filesystem-in-file (put to gfs shared storage file and init some filesystem inside)? Is anyone try something like this?

Maciej Bogucki пишет:
Dmitriy MiksIr napisa?(a):
Hi! I want to sync nodes by run rsync from GFS shared storage to node's
filesystem. But preparing of rsync filelist is very slow (due "stat"
trouble?). Is any suggestions to sync nodes or tune rsync?


a) Disable quota, it will increase performance at least 2-3 times:
gfs_tool settune /gfs quota_account 0
b) Rsync have to create a lock for each file so You could try to
increase /proc/cluster/lock_dlm/drop_count
c) Mount GFS filesystem with noatime flag.
d) Create direcotries with small number of files - stat() will be faster

Best Regards
Maciej Bogucki

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