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Re: [Linux-cluster] Add a fence device of type SUN ILOM

brad bradandkim net wrote:

brad bradandkim net wrote:
Quentin Arce wrote:

My machines are SUN Fire X4100. I see that we can define a fence
device of type HP ILO. I would like to know if I can use the HP ILO
form in system-config-cluster tool to enter and use a SUN ILOM as
fence device?

How does ILOM work? telnet or ssh? Is there an snmp interface to
If so, there might be a way...by hacking on another agent.

So, I'm a lurker on this list as I no longer have a cluster up... but
I work on ILOM and I would love to see this work.  This isn't official
support, I'm a developer not a customer support person.  So, it's more
on my time.  If there is anything I can do... Please let me know.
Questions on this problem, regarding what ILOM can / can't do, how to
check state of the server via ILOM, etc.

Quentin! That is very kind of you. If you help with the ILOM protocol,
I'll help with the agent/script. This thread could form a document on
how to write an arbitrary fence agent for use with rhcs.

Where is documentation available? Generally, three things are needed
from a baseboard management device in order to use it for fencing: 1) A
way to shut the system down, 2) a way to power the system up, and 3) a
way to check if it is up or down.

What means can a script use to communicate with the ILOM card? Are
big delta's in the protocol between different ILOM versions?

I look forward to hearing from you.


I am interested in seeing this thread play out as well since I have 26
servers I am beginning to cluster.  My question is why use SNMP over
v2.0.  I can do the above three things with:

/usr/bin/ipmitool -U <user> -P <password> -H <ilom IP> chassis power off
/usr/bin/ipmitool -U <user> -P <password> -H <ilom IP> chassis power on
/usr/bin/ipmitool -U <user> -P <password> -H <ilom IP> chassis power

I don't need any MIB's for this either.  It seems to me this might be an
easier solution than snmp, but I may be missing something.

Oh make sure you are using lanplus mode for this.

Will do, and thanks.
That is a nice solution. There is a fence_ipmilan agent in the red hat cluster distibution...how are you invoking the above for fencing? To check if the rh agent works, here is the command line you would use (it installs into /sbin...):

/sbin/fence_ipmilan -a <ilom IP> -l <user> -p <password> -P -o [off,on,reboot,status]

There is a man page for fence_ipmilan that details some extra params.

Well, I guess that solves the issue...if anyone would use an snmp-based ILOM agent, we could talk about how to construct that...otherwise, so much for my idea of this thread being instructions for creating arbitrary agents! ;)


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