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Re: [Linux-cluster] Add a fence device of type SUN ILOM

brad bradandkim net wrote:

Hi Brad,

If it works perfect I'd like to use your configuration for my own SUN
X4100 systems. Can you please send your configuration files?

Thanks a lot

I don't have the cluster completely configured yet.  I was simply testing
the command line script '/sbin/fence_ipmilan -a <ilom IP> -l <user> -p
<password> -P -o [off,on,reboot,status]' mentioned by James.  I will be
working on generating a more complete cluster config throughout this week.
Basically I just have 3 nodes, each fenced with a fence_ipmilan agent,
and one gfs filesystem defined.

I have noticed that if I use system-config-cluster to define the
fence_ipmilan agents it sets an attribute


Hmmm...that is the same as saying 'lanplus="0"'...IOT, it unsets it.
If you get a parse error when it is in, then the relaxng schema file is not up to date...you can ignore the warning.

There should be a 'lanplus' checkbox added to cfg for ipmi fencing, if you wish to use it.


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