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Re: [Linux-cluster] NFS failover problem

First of all thanks a lot to Paul, Maciej and Lon! :)


Paul, I tried one Centos 5 as a client and didn't work. I also tried with the udp & nfsvers=3 option without success :( Thanks anyway!

Maciej, I didn't know i could use DRBD with RHCS, thanks! I am pretty sure it could resolve my issue. But i would like to try with the RedHat tools before.

Lon, Thanks for your cluster.conf. I tried using the nfslock option on my original configuration but it didn't work out. If i understood the rest of your cluster.conf, it means using GFS which is, i think, not possible for my needs. Let me clarify these, i have two servers sharing via NFS, applications located on their local disks. The share's content are static and read only. All i need is to provide the share at any time with a tranparent failover for my clients. If i could do that with GFS why not, is it possible?
Thanks once again :)


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