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[Linux-cluster] Cluster replication / mirroring with Netvault Replicator?

Overview: I currently run a RedHat Cluster of 8 JBoss web servers sharing data via a Global File System. My company is looking to gain redundancy for our RHCS GFS cluster due to problems with GFS kernel panics. During periods of network instability the GFS mounted volumes on the cluster will oops (Most likely due to DLM failures) and panic the majority of the machines in the cluster. This of course dissolves the quorum and takes the entire thing down. We need some redundancy with GFS.


My goal is to have a second cluster completely separate from the first with the GFS data replicated in an active / active configuration. We will have our F5 Load Balancers divide traffic to both clusters evenly. In researching replication software to accomplish this goal I came across BakBone’s NetVault Replicator. Does anybody have experience with real-time replication via this product? Any caveats to using this for bi-directional replication of two GFS volumes?

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