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Re: [Linux-cluster] NFS failover problem

Hi Bruce, thanks for the reply :)

For the moment the two nfs share's content are the same. I use scp to copy them. It's static so i did it just once.

To resolve that NFS file handle error, i mounted the share with a static fsid for each client. Unfortunately, even with a FSID, i still have an error during the failover while copying from the NFS share to client's local disk...

cp: reading `/usr/local/genome/1Go.txt': Input/output error
cp: reading `/usr/local/genome/1Go.tyt': Input/output error
cp: cannot stat `/usr/local/genome/1Go.tzt': Permission denied

What should I try next?

J. Bruce Fields wrote:
On Tue, Aug 21, 2007 at 01:02:04PM +0200, kieran JOYEUX wrote:
I don't have any replication systems. I don't really need it, rsync would be ok. All i want is not having that NFS stale handle error... With heartbeat + DRBD i have no issues about it.

Are you using rsync to copy the files in the exported filesystem, or are
you copying the filesystem image itself?

Copying at the file level doesn't work.  NFS needs to know that the
files really have the same identity--same inode number, same generation
number (same filehandle)--otherwise you will get stale filehandle


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