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[Linux-cluster] expected_votes meaning

Hi all,

this could sound quite obvious but I really can't find a reference guide to cluster.conf parameters. What is the exact meaning of the expected_votes cman attribute ?  Is it the total number of votes on which cman calculates the quorum needing of a member or is it the actual number of votes needed by a member to boot?

I'll try to explain: 4-nodes cluster. 1 vote per node. 1 quorum disk with 3 votes. expected_votes set to 7 as read in the cluster faq. The faq says that every single node should be able to remain in the cluster as long as it can reach the quorum, with a total vote count of 4 (3 for the quorum, 1 for the node itself), which is claimed to be enough with an expected_votes of 7. This is why I'm quite confused... if expected_votes is 7, doesn't this mean that the "1 node+qdisk" vote count should be 7 to prevent quorum being dissolved?

Claudio Tassini

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