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Re: [Linux-cluster] File system checking

--- Scott Becker <scottb bxwa com> wrote:

> Does anybody know the best way to check that a
> filesystem is healthy?
> I'm working on a light selfcheck script (to be ran
> once a minute) and 
> creating a file and checking it's existence may not
> work because of 
> write caching. Checking the mount status is probably
> better but I don't 
> know. I've had full filesystems and once the kernel
> detected an error 
> and remounted read only. Other times, when a drive
> in the raid array was 
> slowly failing, it would hang on all IO for a spell.
> If there's an existing source module or a script
> somebody is aware of 
> that would be great.

take a look at fs.sh, you might find some good
functions and  procedure to get what you want


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