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[Linux-cluster] Restarting a frozen cluster

Hi there,

We've been trying to get GFS stablized on Debian for a month or so now.. We have a very simple installation with three nodes started like this..

start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --pidfile $PIDFILE --exec $DAEMON -- $CCSD_OPTIONS
echo "$NAME."
/sbin/lock_gulmd -n aicluster -s cms1,cms2,cmsqa
sleep 1
/bin/mount -t gfs -o acl /dev/sda /san

Every few days the cluster hangs for some reason.. Thats a separate problem though. For now though our main problem is the only way to restart is to reboot all three machines.. We can't shutdown and restart the cluster without a reboot.. Here is the messages we're getting..

cms1:/home/alfresco# gulm_tool shutdown cms1
Cannot shutdown cms1. Maybe try unmounting gfs?
cms1:/home/alfresco# umount /san
umount: /san: device is busy
umount: /san: device is busy

Any ideas?


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