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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: fence_xvmd doesn't starts under rhel5.1

Lon Hohberger schrieb:
For now, just put fence_xvmd in /etc/rc.d/rc.local

File a bug against cman and assign it to me.  It fell off my radar.  It
looks like basically, we should -

* start fence_xvmd if enabled in the config (don't do the xm list check)

* fence_xvmd should wait (maybe for some timeout - 5 minutes?  10
minutes?) for xend to come up, and die if it doesn't start (so as to not
keep running for no reason).
why would it need a timeout to die? apparently, if someone put that into his cluster config it should be running wether xend comes up or not, maybe throw a warning. what if xend doesn't come up for a reason but a manual fix corrected that and then comes up but after fence_xvmds timeout. you'd have to either manually start fence_xvmd or restart cman, wouldn't you? i think if it's configured it should just start. it would be smart to have it warn about missing xend every so minutes or sthg like that, though :)
p.s.: i'll do the rc.local thing, thanks

What do people think is reasonable for a /default/ timeout-on-startup of

-- Lon

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