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RE: [Linux-cluster] gfs on debian

Title: RE: [Linux-cluster] gfs on debian

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From: linux-cluster-bounces redhat com on behalf of Stéphane Neveu
Sent: Fri 12/7/2007 10:00 AM
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Subject: [Linux-cluster] gfs on debian

Hello all,

First let me thank you for your work !

I actually try to mount a gfs /dev/sda3 on a debian testing box... (my
goal is to make a primary/primary cluster with drbd/heartbeat etc...)
I'v seen on http://www.drbd.org/fileadmin/drbd/doc/8.0.2/en/drbd.conf.html
this :


    With this option set you might make both nodes primary. You only
    should use this options if you use a shared storage file system on
    top of DRBD. At the time of writing the only ones are: OCFS2 and
    GFS. If you use this option with any other filesystem you are goint
    to crash your nodes and to corrupt your data!

So I 've installed gfs-tools package then :

gfs_mkfs -p lock_gulm -t mycluster:gfs1 -j 8 /dev/sda3


All Done

... It seems to be ok but when I try to mount it :

mount -t gfs /dev/sda3 /mnt

mount: unknown filesystem type 'gfs'

modprobe gfs

FATAL: Module gfs not found.

gfs_mount /dev/sda3 /mnt

command not found : gfs_mount

It seems I just got the man page !?

May I ask you some help ?
Thx by advance


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I think you'll also need the redhat-cluster source package. See here for some more info:


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