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[Linux-cluster] CS5 two-nodes with quorum disk : which votes values ?


I'm fighting about all possibilities between quorumd votes and
cman expected votes values so that my two-nodes cluster works
fine. I've read lots of emails on this ML about that and the
FAQ etc. but among some contradictions, and perhaps my misunderstanding
of documentation (qdisk man etc.) , I don't find a correct
cluster.conf :

My cluster.conf is like this (without any heuristic) :
<quorumd interval="1" tko="10" votes="2" log_level="9" log_facility="local4"
status_file="/tmp/qdisk_status" label="QUORUMDISK">
<cman expected_votes="2" two_node="0"/>

As I don't find the good values and some contradictions between advised values,
I try all the following combinations to study the behavior and I got :

quorumd votes= 2    expected votes=3
quorumd votes= 1    expected votes=3
quorumd votes= 1    expected votes=2
quorumd votes= 2    expected votes=2

And in all cases, I can't launch cman on the first node without avoiding an
automatic fence of second node after a while, and then cman accepts to run
on the first node (at least in both first cases 2/3 and 1/3, for 1/2 and 2/2
I've stop cman before it fences the secund node as I saw in syslog that
it was about to fence in a while ...)

Note that I do "service qdiskd start" after the "service cman start" and when
this last one is stalled a moment in fencing phase, because the qdisk man gives
in Limitations chapter : "cman must be running before the qdisk program can start"

So any help to tune this values would be fine, knowing that I do want to be able
to launch CS5 on only one node without being forced to launch CS5 on both nodes.


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