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RE: [Linux-cluster] CS5 can't stop service cman

This problem is related to the cman kernel module. The module has services connected to it, and therefore will not unload from memory. 
You can stop cman manually by:
cman_tool leave force 
cman_tool leave force remove
There is also a force flag on the cman start stop script.

However this does not solve the problem of the cman kernel module!

Damjan Stulic
IS Security Identity Management
Edward Jones

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I've got quite systematically this problem when stopping cman service :

# service cman stop
Stopping cluster:
   Stopping fencing... done
   Stopping cman... failed
/usr/sbin/cman_tool: Error leaving cluster: Device or resource busy

but no more details in syslog ...

Is this a known issue ? and if so, is there a issue number with a patch ?


Alain Moullé

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