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Re: [Linux-cluster] Doing "xenmotion" under rhel5.1 and RHCS

Am Dienstag, den 11.12.2007, 10:00 +0100 schrieb carlopmart:

> Yes Lon. I know that I need 'xm migrate' command to do this. My question is: 
> when I execute 'xm migrate', can I be sure that migration is doing across 
> 2.2.2.x network??

as far as i see this: you could use the 2.2.2.x network if you had node
names with those ip addresses either in your hosts file or in your dns,
and then use that nodename for migration with "xm migrate".
but i don't feel like using xm migrate for rgmanager controlled xen
guests is a good idea, as far as i have experienced, rgmanager wouldn't
notice that the xen domain has actually been migrated to a different
is your primary goal to keep the migration traffic away from the cluster
traffic, or from the application traffic?
if it's the latter, it shouldn't be that hard to put the guests on a
different bridge in a different network then the cluster/migration
traffic. separating migration and cluster traffic seems to be harder
though, because the nodenames in the cluster are used for the migration
of the domains (by rgmanager..)


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