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[Linux-cluster] Rocks for financial customers (webinar)

The webinar is on the coming Thursday.

Register at:


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December 13th 10:00 AM CDT

Join Sun Microsystems, AMD, Univa UD, and Diamond
Consulting for the Insurance Application Acceleration
webinar and hear how your business can benefit today
from an open source grid or cluster solution for
accelerating application processing.

    * Dave Teszler, US Practice Manager for HPC, Sun
    * Ramesh Joginpalli, Division Manager, Commercial
Solutions Group, AMD
    * Jay Ruffin, Principal, Diamond Consulting
    * Dr. Carl Kesselman, Co-Founder and Chief
Scientist, Univa UD

The Challenge: Cost-Effective High-Performance
Today's insurance companies deal with a range of IT
challenges related to limited data processing
capabilities in areas like:

    * Enterprise Risk Management
    * Predictive Modeling
    * Actuarial / Policy Administration
    * Telematics
    * OCR and Text Mining

In such IT environments, information is silo-ed and
adding capacity can be an expensive and arduous
process. In addition, computing power limitations
result in longer processing windows and the need to
run fewer, or simpler, variations in modeling. Many
companies are turning to grid and cluster technology
to alleviate the problem – but the traditional
proprietary products on the market are extremely
costly to operate and maintain, while vendors are
increasingly difficult to deal with.

The Solution: Industrial-Strength Open Source
Adopting an open source solution for grid and cluster
computing let companies avoid vendor locking for
maximum flexibility and superior operability. In
addition, open source solutions provide significant
cost reduction over proprietary solutions with
functionality limitations and high price tags.
Leveraging this technology now is crucial for
successful insurance enterprises to expand their
capacity to data-mine for claims, rapidly run more
historical data, and perform greater complex
calculative analyses for alternative rates in record

Univa UD offers the leading solution for open source
grid and cluster technology. Together with our
partners, Univa UD, Sun Microsystems and AMD offer an
off-the-shelf, in the box integrated cluster solution
that can rapidly accelerate your insurance enterprise.
Agenda Topics Include:

    * Industry Computing Challenges
    * The Grid Computing Advantage
    * Usage Scenarios
    * Architecture Requirements
    * Getting Started


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