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Re: [Linux-cluster] Doing "xenmotion" under rhel5.1 and RHCS

jr wrote:
Thanks Johannes. Yes, my primary goal is to keep the migration traffic away from the traffic cluster. It is here on I think I would be find the problems as you say.... is it impossible to do this??

Sorry, i didn't quite understand that mail :)
Okay, so far as i see it, we have three different kinds of network

1. the cluster infrastructure traffic (openais)
2. then application traffic (such as http if you're running a cluster of
webservers, or nfs, or...)
3. the xm migrate traffic

i think if you are able to separate the 2nd kind of traffic from the
other two, the cluster should already benefit from this. and this can be
done by attaching the xen-guest bridge to a different network interface
then the interface that RHCS uses. unless you want to migrate every few
seconds, i don't think the migration traffic should have any effects to
the cluster infrastructure.
best regards,

Many thanks for your help Johannes. (and yes you understand perfectly that I try to explain).

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