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[Linux-cluster] semi-OT: Where to report (i)SCSI-issues?



doesn't list a place to report SCSI-problems.
Anyway, in RHEL5.1, I have a problem in that if a logical volume (LVM)
is located on an iSCSI device, it will not be detected on boot-up,
because the network (needed for iSCSI, somehow) starts up after lvm(8).

Either I missed it or the documentation lacks a workaround for this.
(_netdev doesn't help).
No tips from the KB. I created an additional init.d-script that does a
vgscan+vgchange -ay after the iscsi comes up.
BTW: the iscsi-initiator README actually conflicts with reality:
configuration databases are in /var/lib, not /etc, as the README suggests.

There's a bugzilla for a similar problem (with shutdown), but it only
deals with shutdowns. I wonder how they get up their LVMs in the first

Sorry if this is offtopic here, but I didn't know where to report it
(except for bugzilla, but maybe there is an (un-) documented workaround.


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