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Re: [Linux-cluster] Graceful Degradation

--- Rajagopal Swaminathan <raju rajsand gmail com>

> Greetings,
> While in theory one can have all sorts of fantasy,
> one has to hve the
> resources to fulfill the *theoraticcal*
> requirements.
> Often the educational institutions just don't have
> that.
> Let us be pragmatic and find a solution without
> hardware fencing devices
> without the cost involved.
> there has to be a mechanism to reboot nodes with say
> "reboot -f" _without_
> corrupting the local FS and fence.

sometimes you can't avoid a cool reboot :-(
bad and unpredictable things happen :-(
and on those situations the power button usually is
the only option to get the server back

> Open source can do better than that....
yeap but how many times do you had had to put your
finger over the power button and make a cool reboot?
I know this is the worst scenario but it happen :-(
and it doesn't matter if you run OSS


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