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RE: [Linux-cluster] RH Cluster

Not knowing anything about your project (aside from some technical details), it's impossible to give you specific advice.
What's your timeframe for implementation?
Do you have any of this built or are you starting from scratch?
What is your level of expertise in the technologies you mention?  Each of these are complex on their own.  Do you have help?  How much of this have you done before?
If I were going to attempt such a project myself, I'd look for no less than a six-month engagement to design, configure, test and deploy a setup for production use.  During that time I would take the opportunity to learn each technology in detail, run experiments, tweak and push them to their limits.  Then always do the fun part--pulling cables to see what happens in a redundant cluster when components really do fail.
I'd also pick an order to configure and verify each component in turn, something like:
- Hardware
- OS
- Networking
- Cluster
- Oracle
- application
with the appropriate stress testing and proofing at each step.  Depending on timeframe and budget, I'd also give serious consideration to training and professional consulting.  Good luck.

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Subject: [Linux-cluster] RH Cluster

I'm in the process of setting up a 2 nodes ACTIVE/ACTIVE cluster
with PE2950 16 RAM + RHEL5 + GFS + RHCS+ SAN EMC CX10.
Each of my nodes are RAID 1+ 0 and have the regular OS tree
and share SAN storage Raid5, am planning to build it for Oracle10g Database
_without_ using Oracle cluster ware CRS and ASM (I believe the cluster will be done much better via the OS not DB)
to serve about 1000 users  the application based on client/server concept..

Can someone please give me a pinpoint of where I start ?



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