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Re: [Linux-cluster] Adding new file system caused problems

Mikko Partio wrote:
>     >
>     > I can confirm this issue with Centos 5.1. When a new volume is
>     added to
>     > the system, I can not create a lv. Not even clvmd -R helps, in
>     order to
>     > create the logical volume I must reboot both servers in my two-node
>     > setup. It's insane that in order to add a volume I must reboot the
>     whole
>     > cluster!
>     You should only need to restart clvmd, not the whole cluster.
>     clvmd -R was buggy before 2.02.28, in fact it made things worse rather
>     than better!
> But in order to restart clvmd I need to withdraw the node from the
> cluster (move all services to the other node and use cman_tool leave)
> which is essentially the same thing as rebooting the node right?

No, just restart it.

  service clvmd restart


  killall clvmd


> Are there any plans to fix clvmd -R?

It's fixed in version 2.02.28 - vgscan also will initiate it.


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