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RE: [Linux-cluster] Highly available services

I confess my experience with RHCS is pretty much limited to running GFS.
You make a good point.

Aside from shared coherent storage, what other interesting problems does
RHCS solve? 

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On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 12:09:29AM -0500, Jeff Sturm wrote:
> At a quick glance, I'd say fencing doesn't meet your needs, and RH 
> Cluster Suite may be overkill.  You've worked out the details of 
> failover, you just need to automate it.

Well, it's not called RedHat Fencing Suite, is it? :)

> Have you tried heartbeat?  It is well suited for simple failover of 
> resources such as IP addresses.

Heartbeat has indeed been doing this for me up until now. :) I was just
under the impression that rhcs was supposed to be a superset of

I've managed to work around it in sneaky, sneaky, ways, but I'd really
like to hear how this is *supposed* to be accomplished if at all.

Soren Hansen
Ubuntu Server Team

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