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Re: [Linux-cluster] Mount GFS without cluster?

This does not seem to do what I'm after either? This seems to force me to take 
down the cluster before allowing one non cluster server to gain access to the 
storage? There is a strong warning about it.

>Do not allow multiple nodes to mount the same file system while LOCK_NOLOCK 
>is used. Doing so causes one or more nodes to panic their kernels, and may 
>cause file system corruption.

I'm coming across a real problem due to having to use multiple operating 
systems such as RHEL4/5 and now CentOS5 in the mix too.

I need to allow RHEL4 machines to be in their own cluster, then have a couple 
of CentOS5 machines in their own cluster, all having access to the same 
storage space. 

 From what I've asked in the list, am reading and trying, doesn't seem that I 
can do this. 

On Tue, 25 Dec 2007 23:39:45 +0100, Erik Bussink wrote:
> Hiya Mike,
> Yes you can mount a GFS volume using gfs_mount lock_nolock on a single
> system. You have more details in man 'gfs_mount'
> Regards,
> Erik

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