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Re: [Linux-cluster] Mount GFS without cluster?

--- "isplist logicore net" <isplist logicore net>

> This does not seem to do what I'm after either? This
> seems to force me to take 
> down the cluster before allowing one non cluster
> server to gain access to the 
> storage? There is a strong warning about it.
> >Do not allow multiple nodes to mount the same file
> system while LOCK_NOLOCK 
> >is used. Doing so causes one or more nodes to panic
> their kernels, and may 
> >cause file system corruption.
> I'm coming across a real problem due to having to
> use multiple operating 
> systems such as RHEL4/5 and now CentOS5 in the mix
> too.
> I need to allow RHEL4 machines to be in their own
> cluster, then have a couple 
> of CentOS5 machines in their own cluster, all having
> access to the same 
> storage space. 
>  From what I've asked in the list, am reading and
> trying, doesn't seem that I 
> can do this. 
Of course not
you are clear about not be able to mix nodes with 4
and 5 versions, and because GFS needs the cluster
infrastructure to coordinate access to the FS then the
nodes with version 4 can _not_ coordinate with nodes
with version 5 so, if you soft force (you can mount
GFS in both clusters) that situation I guess you will
get a wonderfull FS corruption sometime (eventually)
depending of how intensive you do write operations


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