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[Linux-cluster] gfs2 hang

We've got a two-node cluster running RHEL 5.1 that we've been experimenting with and have discovered a problem with gfs2. As part of our build environment, we have some find scripts that walk a directory tree:

#! /bin/sh
for html in `/usr/bin/find curGenerated -name \*.html -print` ; do \
cat $html > tmpCR.html ; \
/bin/mv tmpCR.html $html ; \

The curGenerated directory has about 141 subdirectories, each of which has from 2-10 subdirectories. What we find is that this find script will hang the operating system when it is executed within a gfs2 partition that is shared between the two nodes. Fencing is configured and detects the hung node and restarts it, but that's not much of a consolation. The gfs2 partition lives on a fibreChannel array (HP EVA5000), and quotas are not turned on. The gfs2 filesystem continues to operate normally on the other node.

Is this a known bug in gfs2? Is there something we could do to help find this problem?


-- scooter

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