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Re: [Linux-cluster] [PATCH] Port STABLE branch to upstream kernel

Very cool, thanks! I plan to try this out after im done with my ocfs2
and iscsi testing, cant wait to try out GFS too!

On 2/2/07, Robert Peterson <rpeterso redhat com> wrote:
Hi Folks,

Attached is a patch to bring the entire STABLE branch of cluster
suite up to date so that it compiles against newer upstream kernels.
I used Linus' upstream kernel, 2.6.20-rc7. I'm posting it here rather
than just committing it to CVS to give everyone a chance to eyeball
it first.  Here's what changed:

1. It compiles against the new kernel.
2. It should no longer cause a kernel panic in do_add_mount.
3. Included are the recent AIO changes to GFS.

The code hasn't seen much testing, so beware.  I've done some general
I/O testing but it probably should NOT be considered production ready.

As stated before, there are basically two separate cluster worlds now:

The cman-kernel way of doing things (e.g. RHEL4, STABLE) and
the openais way of doing things (e.g. RHEL5, HEAD).  They can't be
mixed and matched.  The place where those world collide is in clvmd,
the clustered lvm2.  In RHEL5, the clvmd works with the openais-based
cluster code (obviously).  To get clvmd to work properly with the
STABLE branch on a RHEL5 system, I had to do some minimal
patching and compile it from source.  I didn't try it with the RHEL4
version of clvmd because I wanted to compare GFS performance of the
two infrastructures, so I did my testing on the same RHEL5 cluster.
The performance test was also why I integrated the aio changes.
(BTW, performance was the same between the two infrastructures,
but this wasn't a very good performance test).

This is NOT meant to catch STABLE up with RHEL4, so there might be
other little changes between RHEL4 and STABLE.  I'll go
through and try to clean that up sometime after this is committed.

If some of you want to try it out and let me know I'd appreciate it.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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