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Re: [Linux-cluster] Can't see all volumes

The bottom line on what I'd like to achieve is that all servers would have 
central storage for their own boot/OS drives. On another FC channel, nodes 
would then also have separate access to their GFS/Cluster storage. This would 
save me on drives, hardware failures, etc and allows me to have truly 
centralized storage.

So, what I've done in trying this is as follows;

Create a small RAID array using 12 drives or around 800GB.
Create 32 individual volumes each with it's own LUN, 0-31.

Take 32 servers and use the volumes as their OS drives rather than having a 
drive on each server.

Note: Maybe that's the problem? Servers cannot see beyond LUN's 0/1 or so for 

> do the system see all the _devices_ ?
> I mean, can you see all the devices (LUNs) exported
> from the SAN but can't see all the LVM in that devices

Nodes and  servers with FC HBA installed can only see two volumes per 
controller. The RAID chassis has 2 controllers to the most I can see is 4 

> or you can see just 2 LUNs exported from the SAN ?
> so you can see just the LVM in that just 2 LUNs.
> if it is the last , then you need to check the SAN
> infrasestructure.
> if it is the first case ... then you have a problem in
> the cluster-system architecture; and then, maybe this
> list can help you ;-)

I'm sure it's at the SAN level since I'm only trying to install the OS's on 
the new blades right now. Mind you, I can't see past the two volumes on any 
server anyhow.

I figure many on this list deal with large amounts of complex storage, a good 
place to ask. Since I don't know the answer, the hope is that someone who has 
some ideas will ask me questions that lead to finding a solution.


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