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Re: [Linux-cluster] Can't see all volumes

--- "isplist logicore net" <isplist logicore net>

> Hi Jay,
> > You might want to change the number of LUNs
> visible to the SCSI adapter.
> > We've got a Fibre-based SAN and we use a lot more
> than two LUNs.  You
> > can alter the number of LUNs the SCSI subsystem
> sees by adding the
> > following to your /etc/modprobe.conf file:
> Problem is, there is no OS to modify anything on
> yet, I'm at the install 
> stage. Perhaps it is an HBA issue where I need to
> tell the HBA about the 
> additional LUN's rather than the usual 0/1?
Then I sujects you to use a LiveCD distro to test if
the system can see the luns somehow
or maybe the rescue CD can allow you see if the HBA
can see all the LUNs (in the debug console alt+F3 or
alt+F4 maybe)

because maybe there is something outside the linux
kernel (hardware or SAN configuration) which disable
you to see all the LUNs


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