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Re: [Linux-cluster] field displayed in "cman_tool services" command

Siman Hew wrote:

When I try to check the services in a cluster, I am
using "cman_tool services", what I get is something
like this:
hostname:/sbin#cman_tool services
Service          Name                              GID
LID State     Code
Fence Domain:    "default"                           0
  2 join      S-1,1,3

DLM Lock Space:  "Magma"                             3
  4 run       -
[1 2]

User:            "usrm::manager"                     2
  3 run       S-10,200,0
[1 2]

Some fields are quite obvious, like Service, Name, but
some are not, like GID, LID, Code and square bracket
under service(I guess it is node list).
Is there anywhere explain what these fields mean?

Thank you very much,

Hi Siman,

I added a (somewhat long and over-imaginative) section to the FAQ on this
a while back:


It's not meant to be complete; it's just an explanation of the ideas.
Incidentally, GID and LID stand for "Global ID" and "Local ID" and
they are numbers used to identify cman messages, and that's not really
described in the faq.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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