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Re: [Linux-cluster] Question about memory usage

There's also a lock leak that rgmanager causes; fixes are here:


The above package fixes:
    #228823 - Add ability to disable services which get stuck
              in the 'stopping' state.
    #213312 - Failed assertion in rg_thread.c causing crash.
    #212634/218112 - DLM memory leak in some conditions
                     caused by rgmanager

The above RPMs are just ones I built.  They're not to be considered
official (or supported) at this point, but feedback is certainly

If you look at /proc/slabinfo and see an ever-growing count for dlm_lkb
and are using rgmanager, chances are you've hit #212634/218112.

All of the fixes (and a few more) will be in the next linux-cluster
release / Red Hat update (and should trickle down to other

-- Lon

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