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Re: [Linux-cluster] Question about Cluster Service

Hi there Sodagar,

Will the Web servers present the same data? will they serve the same content?
Why not use all three servers active (without the fail-over mode) and just add a layer of load balancing to the top of this solution (two machines with IPVS?

About the GFS, it is a file system that handles multiple servers accessing the same data on the same partition.
If the Web servers are presenting the same data to users, GFS will be very helpful to avoid data redundancy on the storage.

If you do not have a dedicated storage GNBD and ISCSI are good choices.


On 2/25/07, sara sodagar < sara_sodagar yahoo com> wrote:
I would be grateful if anyone could tell me if this
solution works or not?
I am planning to use Web server cluster.I have 2
servers and 1 passive server .I suppose I should
create 2 cluster service as in each cluster service
should be 1 active server.
As I have only 1 passive server , I should create 2
fail over domain .

Node A ,C    (cluster service 1)
Node B , C   (cluster service 2)
Node c :   (Failover domain 1 : service 1, failover
domain2: service 2)
Each Cluster service comprises : ip address resource ,
web serviver init script,file
system resource (gfs)
Also I would like to know what are the advantages of
using gfs in this solution over
other types of files systems (like ext3) , as there
are no 2 active servers writing on the same area at
same time.


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