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[Linux-cluster] Re: RedHat SSI cluster

Bob Marcan wrote:
Are there any plans to enhance RHCS to become
full SSI (Single System Image) cluster?
Will http://www.open-sharedroot.org/ become officialy included and
Isn't time to unite force with the http://www.openssi.org ?

If you look at openssi.org code you can consider it contain multiple components

a) ICS
c) CFS
d) Clusterwide SYSVIPC
e) Clusterwide PID
f) Clusterwide remote file operations

I am right now done with getting ICS cleaned up for 2.6.20-rc1 kernel. It provides
a transport independent cluster framework for writing kernel cluster services. You can find the code at http://git.openssi.org/~kvaneesh/gitweb.cgi?p=ci-to-linus.git;a=summary

So what could be done which will help GFS and OCFS2 is to make sure they can work on top of
ICS. That also bring in an advantage that GFS and OCFS2 can work using TCP/Infiniband/SCTP/TIPC
what ever the transport layer protocol is. Once that is done next step would be to get Clusterwide SYSVIPC
from OpenSSI and merge it with latest kernel. ClusterWide PID and clusterwide remote file operation is easy
to get working. What is most difficult is VPROC which bring in the clusterwide proc model. Bruce Walker have a paper written on a generic framework at http://www.openssi.org/cgi-bin/view?page=proc-hooks.html


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