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[Linux-cluster] [PATCH] Fix cman_get_node_id in qdisk.

Hi all,

testing the qdiskd provided by the new openais cman-2.0.35-2 (on RHEL5
Beta 2) I found that it would no start with the following error:

Could not determine local node ID; cannot start

Looking at the code of the other programs that connects to cman I
noticed that before the call libcman function:
cman_get_node(cman_handle_t handle, int nodeid, cman_node_t *node), 
they are inizialing with all zeros the third argument, so I did the same
with qdiskd and it worked.

Looking at the cvs repository I didn't find a fix for it.
A patch is attached. 



Simone Gotti

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diff -r -u -p cman-2.0.35/cman/qdisk/main.c cman-2.0.35.orig/cman/qdisk/main.c
--- cman-2.0.35/cman/qdisk/main.c	2006-10-03 20:06:40.000000000 +0200
+++ cman-2.0.35.orig/cman/qdisk/main.c	2007-01-04 17:13:18.000000000 +0100
@@ -957,6 +957,7 @@ main(int argc, char **argv)
 		return -1;
+	memset(&me, 0, sizeof(me));
 	if (cman_get_node(ch, CMAN_NODEID_US, &me) < 0) {
 		printf("Could not determine local node ID; cannot start\n");
 		return -1;

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