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Re: [Linux-cluster] Removing a node from a running cluster

Jim Parsons wrote:
> Patrick Caulfield wrote:
>>> Patrick - isn't it also necessary to set a cman attribute for
>>> two-node='1' in the conf file? In order for cman to see this attribute,
>>> the entire cluster would need to be restarted.
>> No, not if they're using a quorum disk.
>> That flag is only needed for a two-node cluster where the quorum is
>> set to one and the surviving node is determined by a fencing race.
> Oh my - what are the implications of having that attr set when using a
> quorum disk? Nothing, I hope...

Well, basically that flag allows a cluster to continue with a single vote. So it could be quite dangerous I suppose if the cluster
splits and one node has the quorum disk and one doesn't.

I'd need to check specific configurations but I wouldn't really recommend it...



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