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[Linux-cluster] FC Fabric fencing

Title: FC Fabric fencing


I am looking into adding another fence level to my two two-node clusters. Since our APC setup doesn't support powering off and on of specific outlets, I thought I would look to our Fiber channel fabric. Here are the details:

2 sets of 2 HP DL380 systems with dual port qlogic isp2422 FC cards
2 qlogic SANBox 5600 Fiber Channel switches
1 Compellent enclosure (12 TB)

The way we currently have it set up is each FC card has one port going to one switch (We plan to do redundancy with the other port to the second switch) We are currently using HP ilo to fence the cluster. Since reading the interesting posts on this board regarding HP ilo, I thought I would add a fabric fence for even more redundancy.

My questions are: Will the SANBox 2 fence device in RHCS support my switches? Also, how does fabric fencing work, since I have other systems besides the four systems connected to these switches, I am hoping the fence device can stop access to the SAN on a per-port basis.

My thanx in advance for your replies...  

Darrell J. Frazier
Unix System Administrator
US Army Combat Readiness Center

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