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Re: [Linux-cluster] Removing a node from a running cluster

isplist logicore net wrote:

Fixed my shut down problems so anyone else having issues, here's how it works.

Man for cman_tool says;


Tells CMAN to leave the cluster. You cannot do this if there are subsystems (eg DLM, GFS) active. You should dismount all GFS filesystems, shutdown CLVM, fenced and anything else using the cluster manager before using cman_tool leave. Look at cman_tool status|services to see how many (and which) services are running.

Answers all :).

WARNING: Shameless Promotion --

Conga does all of these things for you in a browser window...there is a dropdown menu on the node page that offers the user the option to have a node leave or join a cluster, completely delete a node, reboot a node, or use the fence subsystem to fence a node. With one mouse click and a confirmation dailog, all neccesary services are checked and shutdown for you and the node is removed/deleted/etc.

When you add a new node, you enter the ipaddr/hostname for the new node, and then all necessary packages are yummed and installed, all necessary services started, and a new configuration file reflecting the new node is propagated.

What if you add a node two a two-node cluster that does not use quorum disk, you ask? Conga removes the two_node=1 attr from the <cman> tag and reminds you that the cluster needs to be restarted...and provides a link to the appropriate cluster page where one mouse click and a confirmation dialog will restart the whole cluster.


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