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[Linux-cluster] Cluster software won't start at boot

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an interesting issue:

I hafe a pair of RHEL 2.1 machines in a cluster.
The cluster service is enabled for runlevels 2 - 5
Entering 'service cluster start' as root works fine
Oddly enough, the cluster service will -not start- at bootup

Any ideas?

[root nzcs1 root]# chkconfig --list |grep cluster
cluster         0:off   1:off   2:on    3:on    4:on    5:on    6:off

# after manually starting the cluster service:
[root nzcs1 root]# service cluster status
cluhbd (pid 4997) is running.
clusvcmgrd (pid 4993) is running.
cluquorumd (pid 4989) is running.
clupowerd (pid 4995) is running.
clumibd (pid 4999) is running.
cluscand (pid 5003) is running.
clurmtabd (pid 5001) is running.

[root nzcs1 root]# grep cluster /var/log/messages
Jan  9 12:11:27 nzcs1 cluster[6946]: <notice> Shutting down Cluster Manager
Jan  9 12:11:27 nzcs1 cluster[7007]: <notice> Completed shutdown of Cluster
Jan  9 12:31:26 nzcs1 bigbrother: ^I^IStarting external script
Jan  9 12:36:15 nzcs1 cluster[4980]: <notice> Starting cluster manager

Any hetlp would be appreciated!



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