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Re: [Linux-cluster] Upgrading filesystem from gfs -> gfs2

On Tue, 9 Jan 2007, Robert Peterson wrote:
I wrote a little tool called gfs2_convert whose job is to convert a file system from gfs1 to gfs2. You just do something like:

gfs2_convert /your/file/system

And after it gives you some warnings and asks you the all-important "are you sure" question, it converts it to gfs2. Pretty simple, really. But bear in mind that gfs2 is still being worked on, so you should not use it for a production box yet.

Nifty! That's why I asked - I'm rolling out a new cluster, and wanted to go GFS1 since GFS2 is still "in the works", but wanted to make sure there was an easy upgrade path.. :)

And always--ALWAYS--back up your gfs1 file system before running the tool, because it's a brand new app and who knows; it might have bugs. I tested it, even under conditions where I would interrupt it during critical phases and restart it, etc., so hopefully it won't have problems. And if you do have problems, you know who to open the bugzilla up against. ;)


I also recommend that you run gfs_fsck on your file system first, just in case there's some kind of weird fs corruption that might confuse the tool.

So I guess it's fairly obvious that the FS needs to be offline?

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