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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS can be used as root filesystem?

On Tuesday 09 January 2007 22:04, Sridharan Ramaswamy (srramasw) wrote:
> As anyone attempted to use GFS client on diskless Linux node to act as
> its root file system?
> Thinking about the dependencies of GFS, the likes of CMAN, clvmd, gnbd
> (if needed) should start before GFS during the boot up process. But the
> concern is CMAN would need to read /etc/cluster/cluster.conf file which
> won't be available. Other components might need something from
> filesystem too, like CLVM might look for lvm.conf. Sounds like a chicken
> & egg problem.
> As anyone got around these aspects and able to use GFS mount as a root
> filesystem?
> Appreciate any ideas on this.
have a look at www.open-sharedroot.org. Works like a charm. There should also 
be a HOWTO.

Regards Marc.
> thanks,
> Sridhar

Gruss / Regards,

Marc Grimme
Phone: +49-89 452 3538-14
http://www.atix.de/               http://www.open-sharedroot.org/

ATIX - Ges. fuer Informationstechnologie und Consulting mbH
Einsteinstr. 10 - 85716 Unterschleissheim - Germany

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