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Re: [Linux-cluster] General 2-node cluster questions

On Tue, 2007-01-09 at 17:11 -0600, Brad Filipek wrote:

> I have two boxes with RHEL4U4 and one application. Should the app be
> installed locally on both nodes, and have the data on the SAN? Or
> should the app and the data both be on the SAN? This will be an
> active/passive config.

That's a matter of "what works better for you".  Either one works.  For
Oracle 10g, I installed everything on to the SAN.

For something like Apache, you could make a new httpd.conf that points
the docroot to the SAN mount point (since httpd was already installed on
both nodes anyway).

> Also, does the app and data both need to sit on a GFS?

Not at all.  You can use a non-cluster FS if you want (e.g. ext3).
Remember that the service only runs on one node at a time; the file
system is only mounted in one place at a time, etc.  The key is that the
file system may only be mounted in one place at a time.

RHCS is designed to manage this, but you have to manually mount all this
stuff up and bring up the service IP address during configuration /
installation yourself.


(a) partition disks
(b) set up clvm (if you're going to use LVM in the cluster)
(c) mkfs -t ext3 /dev/foo1
(d) mkdir /cluster/service0
(e) mount -t ext3 /dev/foo1 /cluster/service0
(f) ip addr add dev eth0
(g) Install app.  Make it use for all traffic,
and /cluster/service0 for data.
(h) Start app; give it a test from your clients.
(g) Stop app.
(h) ip addr del dev eth0
(j) umount /cluster/service0
(k) [configure RHCS service]

-- Lon

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