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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fencing Problem On APC 79x0

James McOrmond wrote:

Ramon van Alteren wrote:

Anyone have ever faced similar problem with me? Here I attached the apclog for reference.
we're running fencing through an apc 7920 which I assume is similar.
I've hacked up the fence_apc until it worked, it accepts outlet names
and numbers if I remember correctly.
I've attached ours to the mail, it's originally from cluster-1.02 but
works for me on cluster-1.03 as well.

Do you know if this is a general fence_apc issue? I've got a 7900 on order to do some work with and i'm wondering if I should expect to have to make these modifications?

I maintain fence agents, and apc is one of out most stable agents. We just refactored it to allow for port aliasing and grouping, as well as support for master switch plus series. I have several apc switches of different flavors that I use daily in development clusters in our lab. I posted this latest version of the agent to this list about 20 minutes ago. Please try it out, if you can.


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