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[Linux-cluster] GFS+EXT3 via NFS?

Title: GFS+EXT3 via NFS?

We have a 5 node cluster that is exporting several GFS and EXT3 filesystems distributed among 5 individual services each with it's own failover group etc. For the most part, things work fine. However, sometimes when we move these services around, the node that recieves the service doesn't re-export the filesystems and clients get stale handles until we manually execute "exportfs -ra" to clear this up.

Right now each NFS service exports both GFS and EXT3 filesystems concurrently. There is some thought about seperating the filesystems so that a service only exports GFS OR EXT3, buit not both. We'd like some input though to see if this might really be the problem, or maybe something along these lines etc.

My "gut" feeling is that since a service is exporting a GFS filesystem, there may be a built in assumption that the filesystem is exported via /etc/exports and that the only thing transitioning is the IP address as per the unofficial NFS cookbook.

The cluster is RHEL4.4.2 and the associated cluster/gfs packages. We have a patched kernel based on the patches for the bnx2 driver which are the only changes to the kernel which also happens to keep it from crashing :) Our hardware is HP DL360-G5 machines connected to an EVA8000 SAN via qlogic FC cards.

Any input is appreciated.


Corey Kovacs
Senior Systems Engineer
Technology Management Associates
703.279.6168 (B)
855-6168 (R)

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